x-Radical Robots


Rock and roll.  Several robot models this year!  Parallex. Spheros.  RVR’s.  UB Tech and Mindstorms.  That will make you headspin… but wait… but we’re adding a lot of electronics!  And circuits and things that buzz and light up! The RVR’s have infrared sensors!  The new Parallex robots are hackable!  

Challenge your fun meter to keep up with these radical robots while you learn to code in JavaScript! 00

Radical Robots are sooooo fun! We can't wait to see you in camp!

Camp Details

  • All summer camps are week long.
    Monday through Friday.
  • Camp Times: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Extended hours are available. Schedule the extra time you need during registration.
  • All materials, computers, robotics, and digital devices are provided for use in camps.
  • Kids may bring their own devices and computers clearly marked with names.
  • Any Items brought to GenTech are at the risk and responsibility of the owners.


  • Healthy snacks and drinks are provided.
  • Kids may bring lunch and personal snacks. (Please do not bring soda, peanuts or candy)
  • Mark names on water bottles and lunch bags please.

Instructors and Programs

  • Instructors are qualified technology proficient GenTechs, Computer Science College Majors, Information Technology mentors, Engineers or Arizona Certified Technology Teachers.
  • GenTech teaches to the Arizona Computer Science standards: ADE Computer Science
  • GenTech is a member of International Society Technology Education: ISTE for students
  • GenTech holds membership in ASEE: American Society of Engineering Education, CTE: Career & Technical Education, and sponsorship in CodeDay, The Arizona Computer Science Initiative, Arizona SciFest, and STEAM Education. (And really lots more.)

COVID19 Virus Concerns

We really care about our kids and our camps will be opened only subject to all state health rulings.

  • All camp fees are fully refundable 
  • Camps are limited to 10 kids per week 
  • Camps are filled first come, first served

Kids are spaced equitably and a safe, healthy learning space will be maintained.

GenTech is super serious about safety and all areas are consistently super sanitized!

  • Registration forms are filled out at check in.
  • First day, kids meet, greet, eat and get set up to their special interests and skill levels.  
  • The rest of the week kids have a blast and learn unbelievably cool tech stuff!
  • On Friday prior to parent pickup, kids will showcase their projects and amazing accomplishments!

Curriculum Details

  • Every year we add new challenging content. This year its circuitry and electric responses integrated with motion.
  • Kids will experience the cause and effects of coding devices
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