Up ahead! The Best Summer Ever!

Week long summer camps.  Coding.  Exploring.  Robotics.  Design.  Engineering.   
We have a whole new spin on the top favorites at GenTech! Check them out!

Cool coding programs for beginners to advanced coders, starting with blocks and then jumping right into loading Python on Raspberry Pi’s with a Linux shell. Sound complex?Nope! Totally fun and kids learn industry standard programming! Many levels. Scaffolded learning.

Radical Robots

Rock and roll this summer with Radical Robots, zooming around to YOUR code commands! We’ll start by engineering with circuity and JavaScript programming. Continue scaling up with each course.  Learn to integrate other coding languages Awesome and interactive.
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Dazzling Design

Learn the basics of photo editing, and then expand your experience by leveling up to Web Design, 3D Modeling and Computer Aided Design (CAD) concepts!  Many varied  innovative projects are offered that inspire individual creativity.



Instructor led online tech camp for  Radical Robots! Check out a robot and meet with instructors via ZOOM five days a week for 90 minutes a session.  Stay home and learn JavaScript with interactive activities!  Class limited to 10 students. Three levels of learning.
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