ONLINE Radical Remote Robots

ONLINE Radical Remote Robots!

Radical Robots are rolling into your home.  No face masks required!  Check out a Sphero’s or RVR robot and meet online with a cool GenTech instructor who will guide you in learning JavaScript programming.  

One of the most popular programming languages used by professional developers today is JavaScript found in nearly every website and many apps.  Your kids will develop a great foundation for industry standard coding and have a great time in this captivating course!

Curriculum Details

This ONLINE curriculum delivers super engaging activities illustrated by our very cool GenTech instructors.  Kids will have access to online resources and help links.  Each day they will have ‘missions’ to perform to level up to the next module.  Interactive discussion and plenty of ‘show and tell!’

Kids will begin with block JavaScript commands then quickly advance to full code scripting.  Kids may continue this course all summer or just take a section here and there.  Very flexible!  About 4 to 7 modules are covered in a week.  

Students start with Spheros LED Matrix Robots in the first modules and then integrate Spheros RVR robots in later weeks to learn infrared sensors and bluetooth interactions.  30+ modules overall. 

The age of automation is here!  
Learning Robotics is an amazing
for any future career!

Camp Details

  • KidsTech Camps are for kids 5 to 16 years old
  • The Radical Remote Robots course is offered ONLINE five days a week during the summer
  • Online appointment time: 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Camp cost is $ 99 / week
  • Each student will need a robot and a digital tablet. (iPad, Kindle Fire, or Surface) You can check these out when you book the course.
  • All deposits for materials are fully refundable when returned. A purchase option is available too!
  • For families with 2 or more kids there is a 10% discount for all kids. Add Redeem Code FAMILY
  • Camps are filled on a first come, first served basis

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COVID-19 Concerns

We really care about our kids and GenTech will be opened only subject to all state health rulings.  Right now, we are glad to be back!  We have developed this course in response to families who may wish to continue the stay home protocols associated with the Coronavirus Pandemic.  More online courses are in development. Contact us if you are interested.  

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We can't wait to see you online!

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