Mindstorm Robotics Summer Camp

The latest Lego EV3 Kits are mind blowing!  Kids will use bricks, motors and sensors to build amazing robots.  Then they will program and command them to perform complex and often crazy tasks.  

Beginners to advanced  make really cool robotic creations.  No limits to what kids will imagine in this camp!

Engineering, analytical and math concepts applied throughout the course.  STEAM learning that gears in a super good time collaborating, creating and of course…battling your bots!

  • Exceptional instruction with the coolest techs and teachers
  • Arizona Career Technology in Education Curriculum
  • All materials, computers, robots, kits are provided for camp use.  
  • Snacks provided.   Classes are small and they fill up quickly
  • Book your camp to learn, play, code, compute, engineer and have a ton of fun!
  • Classes are small and they fill up quickly!

Families with two or more siblings, enter Redeem Code: FAMILY for a 10% discount for each student you sign up!  
Refunds up to 48 hours of camp start.   Some classes are almost full

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