Radical Robots Fall Camps

Kids will have a zany time programming, playing and learning.  Jimu Robots rock and Spheros bots roll!  All of them provide collaborative STEAM activities, propelling students’ imaginations into wild analytical adventures. 

Paced learning for beginners to advanced.  Individual attention to students in skill development.  Kids first learn block coding and then can advance to JavaScript and Swift iOS apps.

  • Arizona Career Technology in Education Standards. 
  • Arizona Computer Science Curriculum. 
  • All computers, robots, and kits are provided for camp use.  
  • Classes are small.  Snacks provided. 

KidsTech Fall Camps


  • During FlexTech you get individual help, collaborate with other students, explore expanded lessons and reinforce concepts learned on Saturday core instruction.

  • You pick your FlexTech days.  Simply drop in on days that are most convenient for you.  FlexTech days are Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays from 3:00 to 6:00 PM.  

  • Special modifications for class schedules are available.  Contact Deb

  • Incredible Value!  Weekend Core Instruction (8 hours) + FlexTech (12 Hours) = 20 hours of technical instruction each month!

  • All GenTech Instructors are proficient in several programming languages.  Each course builds coding expertise for children to level up in their knowledge base. 

Families with two or more siblings, enter Redeem Code: FAMILY
for a 10% discount for each student you sign up! 
Refunds up to 48 hours of camp start.  

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