Come in to GenTech for a personal tech session!
Our techs have all the answers
to show you what to do
and help you understand tech.

• Email help
• Organize files
• Password help
• Sync your phone
• Data overloads
• Photo management
• Viruses! Yikes!
• Cloud storage
• Data transfer
• Navigation
• Browser issues

Need tech help but don’t want to venture out into the world? 
A virtual session is perfect for you and we make easy. 
We will you call prior to your appointment and help you set up!

Yes we do Windows! And Mac and Linux too. Our techs are happy to come to your place, instead of our place, if you need us.  

Costs are a bit more for this service. But we’ll get you up and running, informed, wired or connected as your tech needs require. We’ll also go over all the steps so you totally understand how everything works. 

Home visits are available within a 10 mile radius of the GenTech Support store on Greenway and 7th Street. 

All major credit cards are accepted.

  • Help for slow running computers
  • Virus removal
  • Secure and protect your information
  • System updates
  • Software installation
  • Data transfer 

Gift Certificates!

Get everyone you love
the coolest gift ever! 

A GenTech Support gift certificate!

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