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Generation Tech Support

GenTech is a community tech hub managed by brilliant techs with backgrounds in engineering, IT support, computer science and programming who are always exchanging ideas and learning  emerging technologies.  All the high school and college students that work at GenTech are stakeholders in the company and are intricately involved in running the business .  

Our signature service is personal tech support where you will experience kindness and individual attention to your tech questions.  Hardware repair, computer optimization, virus removal, virtual and home services, networking and dozens of other tech services are seamlessly overseen by GenTechs.  For younger generations, our KidsTech program teaches industry standard coding, radical robotics and computer science throughout the school year and fun summer programs.

Do you have tech questions?
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There is a huge digital divide in our society. We are on a mission to fix that.

Debbie Kovesdy, CEO

Debbie was a high school, CTE technology teacher for over 20 years. While teaching, she realized that her bright, innovative students had remarkable tech skills to share with a non-technical world. In 2016, her GenYes tech students initiated the model for the GenTech business.  More

Oliver Carter, CIO

Oliver came to GenTech to help teach coding in expanding school programs.  As a former aerospace engineer and technical analyst, he was ready to make a difference outside the corporate world.  He became a full partner in 2019 offering extensive technical expertise to GenTech.  More

Michael Wilson, Store Manager

Michael, a recent graduate of GCU in Cybersecurity and  Information Technology, manages the GenTech store with a keen expertise overseeing the hardware intakes, security, operations, repairs, scheduling and customer support. 



Joseph Elliot, Tech Manager

Joseph is an all around expert tech, proficient in programming, computer operations, networking, and the hardware repairs.

He has taught dozens of tech workshops, KidsTech programs and custom designed advanced computer projects.


On a day to day basis, GenTechs share technology tips, techniques and troubleshooting advice on all devices for any program or application.  

Hardware issues are solved with several collaborative, technical perspectives.  A wide variety of computer conundrums come in on a daily basis at GenTech.  

From learning how to build a computer to iPhone questions, and computing quandaries, to coding conversations, GenTechs are ready to jump in and teach. 

Across generations, GenTech is ready to share technical expertise with you and have a blast in the process! 


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