Learn to code with tech programs that are crazy fun for kids!

Technology is exploding in the world!  

Coding runs all our devices, computer apps, websites and programs.  Tech skills are super important for every kids’ future.  At GenTech, our 
KidsTech programs focus on trendy and essential technologies, such as learning to code, robotics for kids, and more. 

And we make them crazy fun!

      • Cool Coding
      • Mighty Microcomputers 
      • Cyber Defenders
      • Radical Robots
      • Dazzling Design

Have a child who wants to learn to code, program robotics, or dazzle you with designs? 
KidsTech programs allow your child to develop tech skills of their choice!  

Tech Mods are Flexible! Use them on any KidsTech day!

Tech Modules are the coolest idea ever! 

Use your mods for each of your kids whenever you want on KidsTech days

They never expire so if you have a busy month, use them the next month!

Mods can be used for any KidsTech times including holiday and summer camps! 

The more mods the lower the price per mod for each student! 

1 Hour of KidsTech

$    25.00

Great for kids who just want to try things out, or visiting grandma or out of our immediate orbit!

5 Hours of KidsTech
$ 22/hour

$   110.00

10 Hours of KidsTech
$ 20/hour

$   200.00

20 Hours of KidsTech

$   300.00

30 Hours of KidsTech

$   375.00


KidsTech camp is individualized for each attendee.  Beginners to advanced levels.  

We’re teaching more than just coding and robotics for kids. Students experience great challenges with a ton of good times packed into each camp that feature a strong focus on industry standard programming proficiencies including Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C, Lua, Swift and a wide range of methods and interactive hands on activities. 

GenTech kids have the keen opportunity to advance to more sophisticated programming as each course scaffolds each child’s learning to the next level. 

COVID-19 Concerns

GenTech is serious about safety and all areas are consistently super cleaned with ecology friendly EPA cleaning materials.  


We can't wait to see you at KidsTech Camp!

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